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2018 Waterborne Symposium Survey
Thank you for your valuable feedback and insight to help us improve our conference. Please leave any comments/feedback below.
Technical Symposium Questions
Technical Symposium Questions
I was pleased with the quality of the technical talks given.
I would recommend the Waterborne Symposium to a colleague.
The Symposium is a good value for the price.
Which of the following session topics are you most interested in for the 2019 Conference?
How did you hear about our Symposium?
Would your company be insterested in a sponsorship for the 2019 conference?
$121,970 in undergraduate scholarships have been awarded from Waterborne proceeds over the last 5 academic years. Thank you to all our sponsors, attendees, and exhibitors for making this possible!
Exhibitors Questions
For our exhibitors: The new ala carte pricing of the exhibit booths was helpful.
We are looking for feedback on whether being able to customize your exhibitor registrations separate from the booth was helpful.
Expert Panel Session
This is the 5th expert panel session organized by Coatings World Magazine. What coatings market segment would you like to see for next year's panel session?
Name (optional)
Name (optional)