Reformulating to Waterborne Coatings 

Dr. Robson F. Storey

Dr. Robson F. Storey

Dates: February 9 - 10, 2015 (Two Day Course)

Dr.  Robson F. Storey
Professor of Polymer Science

Course Purpose: To provide chemists in the coatings industry an understanding of the principles involved in reformulating systems to a waterborne system.
Course Description: Reformulating to Waterborne Coatings is an intensive, two-day course providing an introduction to the technology of waterborne coatings with an emphasis on the challenges encountered in converting existing solvent-borne coating systems to water. It consists of a series of lectures organized around various popular coating types including acrylic latex, polyester/alkyd, two-component polyurethane, polyurethane dispersion, epoxy, and silicone. Additional topics include the use of additives, pigments and pigment dispersion, and application methods for waterborne coatings.
Who should attend: The course is designed for coating chemists and formulators and for persons interested in new applications for waterborne coatings.

Our Speakers 


Dr. Robson F. Storey- The University of Southern Mississippi
*Welcome & Course Overview
*Fundamentals of Polymer Design for Waterborne Coatings

Dr. Leo Procopio - The Dow Chemical Company
*Formulating Waterborne Acrylic Polymers for Industrial Coatings
*Application Methods for Waterborne Coatings

Tracy Wickmann - Air Products & Chemicals, Inc
*Formulating Two-Package, Ambient-Cure Waterborne Epoxy Coatings

Peter Schmitt -  Bayer MaterialScience
The Use of Waterborne Polyurethanes in High Performance Coatings

Mike Jeffries - Bayer MaterialScience
*High Performance Waterborne Two-Component Polyurethanes

Jeff Danneman - Reichhold
*Formulating Fundamentals for Water-Reducible and Alkyd Latex Coatings

Dr. Charlie Hegedus - Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
*Surfactants and Defoamers in Waterborne Coatings

Dr. Ayumu YokoyamaAxalta Coating Systems 
 *Formulation of Waterborne Pigment Dispersions

Dr. Romesh Kumar - CLARIANT Corporation
*Pigment Selection for Architectural Coatings

Dr. Donald Liles - Dow Corning Corporation
*The Role of Silicones in Formulating Water-Based Coatings



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Short Course Registration $875 early bird, $975 regular

Symposium/Short Course Combo Registration  $1,500 early bird, $1,725 regular

Guest Registration $50.00 (Access to receptions & exhibit hall) 

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