The Science of Formulating

"It's all in the Chemistry"

Dr. Shelby F. Thames

Dr. Shelby F. Thames



Dates: February 9 - 10, 2015 (Two Day Course)

Dr.  Shelby F. Thames
Distinguished University Research Professor - Polymer Science

Course Purpose: To provide entry level chemists in the coatings industry an understanding of the principles involved in formulating coatings.
Course Description: Coatings manufacture is challenging in its complexity as the ingredient list could often contain more than ten items. Formulating a good coating requires a good understanding of the manufacturing technique as well as troubleshooting problems. This short course will seek to impart a comprehensive understanding of pigments, resins, solvents, additives, formulations principles, calculations, and manufacturing techniques applicable to the coatings industry.
Who should attend: This short course is a general course covering major paint types presented at a fundamental technical level, and is designed for entry-level chemists to the coatings industry.


Symposium ONLY Registration $725 early bird (until Dec. 2), $850 regular

1 Day Short Course ONLY Registration $450 early bird, $500 regular
Symposium/ 1 day Short Course Combo Registration  $1,125 early bird, $1,300 regular

2 Day Short Course ONLY Registration $875 early bird, $975 regular
Symposium/ 2 day Short Course Combo Registration  $1,500 early bird, $1,725 regular

3 Day Short Course ONLY Registration $1,238 early bird, $1,380 regular (10% discount for Science of Formulating Short Course when combined with Fundamentals of Coatings)
Symposium/ 3 day Short Course Combo Registration  $1,865 early bird, $2,130 regular


Guest Registration $50.00 (Access to receptions & exhibit hall) 

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